Panama medical tourism has moved to the forefront of the health tourism industry today. Cosmetic surgery and other procedures in Panama have become very desirable because of the quality of doctors, the cost of medical care and the beauty of Panama. Panama medical tourism has benefited from its association with U.S because many of the leading doctors here are trained in America and are leaders in their respective fields. Panama City, being the hub for commercial affairs, cultural centers and a thriving arts scene, is also home to many of the country’s best hospitals. Among treatments being sought by medical tourists, cosmetic surgery, dental services and eye surgery are the most popular. However, almost any surgical procedure is available in the various world class hospitals across the city. Being a beautiful Central American multi-ethnic country, Panama includes a startling picturesque beauty, technical progression and rich diversity in culture. Panama with its safety, favorable geographic location, immense leisure opportunities and relatively cheaper cost of living promises an affordable paradise for the tourists. These together with its highly developed medical facilities make Panama a perfect Health Tourist destination.

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